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OYA, The Winds of Change

- for Mishlen -

Who is it who's questing glance I catch
in every glinting shard and plane of glass
as if I am a well-known stranger?

Who conceals herself in expectant purple shadows as I pass,
who haunts my every step a liminal
at the borders of awareness?

What place have challenging dark eyes and timorous face
in what has become the quiet
of my life?

Yet Time will wreak the sea-change.

In reflections from smooth planes of glass
now hungrily
I seek that face so filled with silent knowing.

In swirling purple shadows I am cast
for the challenge of dark eyes that mirror mine.

For in seeking the other I find
The Eye of the Storm,
The Hurricane.

For in seeking the Other
I find

c. Linda Falorio, New Year's Eve, 1992.


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