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You ride across the desert to me through the night,
I am bound by golden chains of your desire;
Our breaths mingle into frosted clouds of white,
as we laugh, warm beneath the heavy robes of buffalo;
You offer me the poisoned draught,
and knowingly, I drink for love of you;
We are pioneers, our cabin spare,
the floods come and wash our lives away;
You are nobility, and I a lady's maid,
who together tumble gaily in the barnyard hay,
and then the Guillotine;
You are a doctor, I am your servant-wife.
I am bereft;
You have three wives, I am the third,
and I have borne a son;
You are a soldier, arrogant and proud,
I am she who has been cruelly left;
We are roués, the Decadents,
and all the world is there for our desire.
Tell me, dear Love,
when will you ever tire of my inventiveness?
Or will you never have enough!

c. linda falorio - for Fred, 1986

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