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The Vehicle Karma Question=>Tension Feeding=>Input=>Charge=>Desire Synthesis=>Creation=>Birth Destruction=>The Labyrinth=>The Dark Initiation Output=>Production=>Discharge Answer=>Release=>Satisfaction=>Shadow Thee Web Shadow Tarot Reading


  1. The Vehicle: Our perception of the current situation.

  2. Karma: What we have created around and within us.

  3. The Answer: Release/Satisfaction/The Shadow: What we need, yet are unable to clearly see, and thus deny to ourselves.

  4. The Question/Tension: What one seeks, what one is really asking.

  5. Destruction/The Labyrinth/The Dark Initiation: It is sometimes necessary to break ourselves down into component parts so that we may reassemble our elements in new and creative ways - this tells us how.

  6. Path of Synthesis/Creation/Birth: The result of  #5.

  7. Output/Production/Discharge: The tangible result of the above interactions.

  8. Feeding/Input/Charge/Desire: What we need to feed our Souls...

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