The Shadow Tarot™

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Amprodias ~ Fool
Zamradiel ~ Lovers
Characith ~ Chariot
Temphioth ~ Lust
Yamatu ~ Hermit
Kurgasiax ~ Fortune
Lafcursiax ~ Justice
Malkunofat~Hanged Man
Niantiel ~ Death
Saksaksalim ~ Art
A'ano'nin ~Devil
Parfaxitas ~Tower
Tzuflifu ~ Emperor
Qulielfi ~ Moon
Raflifu ~ Sun

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By the image generating power of the backbrain the World is dreamed into existence; thus we as artists create our own "preferred realities."

The Shadow Tarot

"Now hath Nuit veiled herself, that she may open the gate of her sister."

Aleister Crowley, Liber CCXXXI

"The Thirteenth path is charged with the lunar kala. The name of its shadow-guardian is Gargophias which should be vibrated or 'howled' in regular repetitions in the key of 'G' sharp. (Note 1: The liquid nature of this entity suggests that the evocation be accompanied by some stringed instrument such as the vine, the zither or harp.)..."

"The sigil of Gargophias shows an upright sword, with an eye each side of the blade, set over an egg and crescent. The sword is typical of the Woman as the first cutter in two . . . The two eyes represent the dual lunation, with emphasis on the periodic eclipse . . . "

Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden 

excerpted from . . .

The Shadow Tarot 

© Linda Falorio, 1995, 1998

Squatting on the sigil of Gargophias is the goddess Hekt, frog-glyph of extraterrestrial invaders from the Waters of Space in the vicinity of the Pleiades. These may be understood as representative of  amphibious atavisms that enter our dimension from the portal of the backbrain/ cerebellum. They are the Voltigeurs, the Leapers who traverse strange states of consciousness obtaining in the inverted dimensions on the backside of the Tree of Life.

This 13th Tunnel is that of Not, Naught, the Great Negative, LA, Lilith, Lady of Night. It is the Tunnel of Sevekh, Kefekh, Khepsh of the Seven Stars. Here, She is depicted as Egyptian Ur-Hekau, Mighty One of Enchantments, gesturing to Her attendant Stars that mark the Stellar Gate into the Earth-web. Her power is of a particularly Feminine type of creation— parthenogenesis — self-fertilizationsuch as has been recorded in the earliest divine myths.

By the image-generating power of the back-brain, webs of dreams are spun from the miasma of the lunar flux which gushes from Her, spawning Lemurian horrors, spawning teratomas arising from that stratum of pre-human consciousness that stretched long ages before the epoch of Atlantis. Patiently, passively, apparitions build, as a pearl grows bathed in successive layers of the nacre. Thus World is dreamed into existence by the Ancient One who slumbers in the deeps of unknown Space.

Yet the Feminine knows that not all that lives has the right to continued life. This is the cruelty, the horror of existence, its ultimate irrationality, that the prerogative of the Goddess is culling. She reserves the right to kill Her offspring, to weed out the undesirable, those She finds somehow unfit for life. She cares not for our complaints, nor for solar concepts of "justice," but bids us to laugh with Her at the irrational joy of mere existence, and to delight with Her in the Maya dance of dream illusions, that together She, and we, have spun.


The need for working with the energies of Gargophias may be signaled by our experiencing in ourselves, or encountering in others, feelings and expressions of reverence for "life" for its own sake, without regard to use, form, function, Will, or desire. We may encounter an overly masculine, yang,  aggressive orientation to action on  the world, or, we may find that we, and others somehow find the ability to believe in the collective Dream as objective Reality. Sadly, there may be an accompanying inability to dream, or, the breakthrough of uncontrollable nightmares. One may experience lack of visual imagination, a lack of poetry, idealism, and romance in one's life. There may be a sense of general creative drought that signals a lack of connection to the world of Spirit,  and that leads to a lack of ideals, a lack of hope and vision of the future.

Yet in the tunnel of Gargophias is the power of the Feminine, bringing us to God. Here is the non-reflective power of movement in dreams, the power of clairvoyance, and contact with Spirit Helpers. Here is the instinctive power of the artist to fashion living souls from the substance of their own ectoplasm. Magick is exuded from the inner core, abundant creativity up-wells from an inexhaustible inner Source.   Here too, is 21st Century science: space-migration, genetic engineering, tinkering with the archetypal blueprints of life's proliferation. And here is the attendant possibility of spawning Frankenstein horrors based upon mutation of the DNA, those terrifying mutations of past and future selves, non-viable evolutionary dead-ends, such as the Nephilim wrought questing to create perfect worker-servants of the gods.

Danger and delight lie in the compelling temptation to turn one's back upon the "objective" world, to become forever lost in a forest of alluring, solitary fantasy, pulled to dissolution in the waters of deep space, higher, higher, into the Void of the Absolute.

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